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Eligibility Criteria for Women Entrepreneurs

> Founder/Co-founder of a start-up or small business at least 6 months old
> Sectors: FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech, MedTech, IoT, FemTech
> Have an innovative business enterprise concept answering a global challenge
> Enthusiastic and energetic
> Entrepreneur, innovator or risk-taker

Sound like you? We're waiting for your application!
Applications welcome from anywhere in the world

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For statistical purposes only. We welcome women entrepreneurs or future women entrepreneurs of all ages!
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How old is your company? *

ie, how many months/years since you started it? Or year you set up. Remember, you need to be incorporated at least 6 months to be eligible.
What is your Role? *

Remember, you must be the Founder or Co-Founder to be able to apply.

How many Founders? *

Meaning people who own the business?
And how many people do you have on your team? *

Including full-time and part-time
What problem does your business solve? How? *

Tell us a bit more, so we can better match you with your mentor if you are successful. We are looking for exciting companies solving big problems, to tell us as much as you can!
What is unique/innovative about your startup/company? *

Don't be shy! Tell us how you are better/different from your competitors.
What's your best milestone to date? Why are you proud of it? *

It can be anything: customers, users, competition win, round of funding raised etc...
Tell us why you are proud of this milestone too.
What do you know about existing AXA products for women entrepreneurs? *

Why should we pick you for this special AXA Mentoring Programme? *

This is where you can really stand out from others applying - let your personality and passion shine through here, so that we have to pick you!
How did you hear about this Mentoring Competition? *

You can pick several if you heard about it from several sources.

What's your last message to us?

Feel free to add anything else you think we should know about you/your company so we have as complete a picture as possible.

Anything else you want to tell us {{answer_Qz8z}} - please do!
Thank You For Applying!

Application closes April 19th 2017
All applicants will be notified by email by the end of April.

As a Thank You, check out the video from
Amélie Oudéa-Castera, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer AXA
on why AXA want to support Women Entrepreneurs.

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